Lush Buche De Noel Christmas Cleanser


-- Get festive with this wholesome cleanser --

If there's one thing I know for certain. Winter can be a meanie when it comes to looking after our skin. It's that time of year when my skin tends to go dry and I have to dig out those extra creams to keep them looking nice and soft. My skin is still generally normal when it comes to my face, but for that extra boost of moisture I tend to turn to this.

This is the exclusive Buche De Noel cleanser from the one and only Lush. It contains satusumas and cranberries - giving your skin some vitamin C. As well as cocoa butter ground almonds to exfoliate dry skin and give it some moisture. The smell, to put it in a positive way smells Christmassy but with all the ingredients, it's quite peculiar. It's quite like the bestseller Angels on Bare Skin, but the difference is that it's designed to be more hydrating and kinder to winter skin.

I'm using this more now as it's getting colder and it's quite easy to mash it into a paste with water and rub it in all over my face. My face does feel more nicer after especially if I'm having a pamper evening with my favourites - BB Seaweed and Tea Tree Water. And it does remove the rest of the makeup off from the day which is a bonus woo.

I generally think it's something everyone should try, and that strange green stuff? That's just the seaweed they wrap it in. Oooh.

Have you guys tried any cleansers from Lush?

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