Lush Valentine's Day 2016


-- Love is in the air... for new Lush products! --

The day before yesterday Lush released their Valentine's Day range and it's the first year that I've actually bought some products from the range. *shock horror* I know! But last year I wasn't rolling in cash so I couldn't join the thousands of Lushies who dived right in. But this year, as you can see I picked up some pieces. My local store didn't have the full range as Oxford Street have some exclusives but I knew going there would be even more dangerous. But if I see them on the site, I'll link them at the end of this post!

001: Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar:
I admit I was most excited for this as I regret missing out on it last year. This year's version doesn't have the stars but has lustre on it - so pretty. I can't wait to use it as it smells amazing and contains lavender oil for calming and neroli oil for bringing up your mood. It also makes your bath look pretty and pink, and I've read that it is super moisturising. Expect a unicorn horn selfie before use...

002: The Kiss Lip Scrub:
Just like Santa's lip scrub, it also has hearts on the top which is very appropriate. It smells like sweets and contains organic cocoa butter, almond oil and sicilian mandarin oil. I particularly love the lip scrubs now as I find not only do they exfoliate the dry skin, but they also make my lips feel softer so I can apply lip balm or a lipstick. Plus they last for yonks, so they're worth the money.

003: Prince Charming Shower Cream:
Firstly, I'd like to say that Emma Blackery - one of my favourite youtubers - is right, this does smell of Turkish Delight and Jaffa Cakes!! I thought that when I smelt it in store, and then I watched her Lush haul from last year and she said the same thing haha. This one contains marshmallow root, fresh organic pomegranate juice, cocoa butter, vanilla and grapefruit. I really love the shower creams so I can't want to give this a try.

004: Lover Lamp:
A new product this year, and this one has vanilla and orange oil with cute hearts inside. Just as you would expect with the Valentine's Day range, this one is designed to lift up your mood. I can't wait to use this as it's really fruity smelling and perfect for a pamper evening on the 14th - because I'll be alone forever...

You can see the full range the small stores sell here. But you can see Oxford Street's extra exclusive range here.

I'll also film a haul/pamper evening video for the 14th on my YouTube, so look out for that! :)

Are you guys planning to try anything from the range?

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  1. Oh my god that Unicorn horn! I need it ahhhhhh how cute.

    Courtney | Blush and Blend

    1. it is! It's probably my favourite out of all of them!

  2. I didn't realise the valentine's collection was out already! I'd like to give the unicorn horn a go this year, I'd be interested to try the new and Oxford Street exclusives too!
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. I just tried the unicorn horn and it's so nice the smell is so strong and you do actually feel mousturised after! :)


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