Pinterest Envy #8


-- Fresh off my pinterest boards --

After my recent burst of activity on one of my favourite apps, I thought I would share with you all what I've been pinning recently. I haven't done one of these in ages, but the last one was well recieved so here's another for your enjoyment on a Wednesday morning...

001: I've become super obsessed with baths recently, so it was no surprise that my pin board is now full of bubbly baths with a dashing of the lush.

002: Aidan Turner is fast becoming one of my favourite actors after seeing him in And Then There Were None, and recently finding out he was in one of my favourite shows Being Human. Doesn't he look dashing? Haha.

003: Waffles are really quite nice and these ones especially look lovely with what I hope is chocolate powder on top. I'm not quite sure really, but I want to eat them.

004: Just a few beauty bits that look quite pretty really. I'm drawn to anything that looks like it could be popular on tumblr, and the Too Faced lip products are no exception.

005: Puppieesss! Sadly, not pugs but these Labrador puppies are just too cute and so fluffy I want to hug them!

006: I really love gold toned eyeshadows at the moment, and I also love looking at what Pinterest had to offer. This lady here has a really pretty look that I love.

007: I love jumpers, especially in the winter - duh, and I have a similar one to this but in cream which is really nice. I also love the bag she has - can't see much but I love the colour.

008: Being New Year's and all, I loved pinning pictures of sparklers and this was one of my favourites. Though I didn't do it myself this year.

Pinterest: franalibi (also linked on the top and side bars)

Have you guys been loving Pinterest lately?

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  1. I really want some waffles now, they look so yummy! The knitted jumper looks so cosy :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    1. haha I know! my mouth is still watering!


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