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Last summer, I wrote this post about why independent magazines are amazing. Now over a year on from discovering my new favourite magazine oh comely which has now replaced the beloved Company (RIP), I thought I would pass on why I love it so much to you. And maybe you might be persuaded to give it a read...

001: It's aesthetic is pure beauty. Think of it as the perfect coffee table read added with stunning photos and a minimalist layout. The magazine itself is centered around creativity so there's illustrators each issue creating pieces for the start of each chapter. E.g. there's the theme of the issue, then words, pictures and mischief.

002: oh comely lives by their motto "keep your curiosity sacred" and with each themed issue, they delve deep and interview every day people while writing creative articles. The most recent issue is about change, so they included every day people and writers who describe a change in their life and in each chapter divider, there's illustrations and a little information of some of the women who changed the world...

003: There's never the usual magazine promotions, only the odd arts promotion and about the subscription to the magazine. So for £5, every two months, you're getting a lovely piece of ad free goodness. The only serious promotional article I've seen is for the Brighton Art Fair and an event oh comely were doing with Paperchase.

004: You can count on different and witty articles each issue. This issue there's something about butterflies with beautiful photos, but another issue it might be about surviving independently, holding onto memories or missing home. It's really like sitting down with coffee and a friend for an afternoon of catching up.

005: Each cover can make any photo look instantly more pinterest like. Probably the most important reason for you, any cover looks really hip and can jazz up any photo. A blog flatlay to a hipster coffee shop with latte art... The latter being my favourite! It's time to up your instagram game.

What are your favourite magazines at the moment?

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  1. This sounds like an amazing little magazine - I'll have to pick this up, I love independent arts based magazines!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It really is like having treasure, that's how much I love it! Plus you can get it in WHSmith :)

  2. Oooooh I've been meaning to get into this for a little while now. It looks great! Thanks for the reminder.
    Jas x


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