The Best Nail Paint Remover Ever


-- It's the final countdown! --

So your nail paint is chipping off and you have 30 mins till you need to leave your house... What do you do? Well, here's the perfect solution! Bourjois' 1 Second nail paint remover! It may take a second more than it claims, but it's pretty epic for a drugstore product. Honestly, I never want to use 3000 cotton pads and a bottle of remover again.

Containing almond oil, it does tend to leave your fingers feeling a bit oily so I like to wash them and use a hand cream after. Mainly with Zoella's Wonder Hand - even though the berry and vanilla scent from the remover is really nice. Inside the pot there's sponge and hole in the middle and you dip your finger in there. Jiggle it around and voila nail paint is gone. It's especially amazing when it's coming up to Spring and Summer where you want to spend more time painting or relaxing than removing paint.

It's only £4.99 and I think that is a pretty good bargain for a product like this. And in all honesty, having this product since around October and using it pretty much all the time, I will buy this again just because the quality is so much better than what I've used before.

Will you guys be giving this a try?

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  1. I feel like this type of nail polish remover has been one of the best improvements we've had in terms of beauty in the last few years :P I love it as well, and my favourite thing is that it smells quite good indeed when compared to our usual NP removers! The only bad thing I've noticed is that if you use darker shades of polish too much, at some point the sponge inside will be stained with these dark shades and stain your fingers - it happened to me a few summers ago with a hot pink shades I used to wear a lot!
    But other than that, it's a great product. Did you know they've created one for foot nails as well? :P

    Julia x
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    1. really?? I've never had that problem, and yeah I did but I only paint my toes in the summer so when this one dries out, I'll probably but that! :)

  2. I love this, actually means I have nice nails more often because I can be bothered to remove my nail varnish! Next tim you buy it get the 2 in 1 one as you can use it for toe nails too :) x

    1. I know!! And I will - probably in the summer because that's when I'm in the mood to actually paint my toe nails haha


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