-- Dreaming of summer... --

Just consider this post a more improved new series of my Sunday Summaries. I kind of miss them, but I wanted to improve upon the series. So welcome 'Currently' the most unoriginal name for a blog post series hooray. I'm also pretty sure I'm accidentally copying a blogger, but I can't remember, but creds to them for the idea. I don't know how often I'll write these, probably every two weeks. So, enjoy...

001: Watching: Pretty Little Liars! I've just caught up and holy moly the series finale was a corker! I can't wait for the next series... Hurry up. Also, the girls' fashion style is honestly goals.

002: Reading: A Year Of Marvellous Ways! I've only started it, but it's sweet and good so far and currently set in 1947. I might do a review on it later, but I'm not far enough in to review it yet.

003: Smelling: Yankee Candle Soft Cove! My mum bought this for me from ASDA and it smells amazing. It's only the little one, but I need to buy the big one asap because it's so perfect for spring.

004: Eating: Starbucks Cinnamon Rolls! Because my work is near my second home, I've fallen in love with their cinnamon rolls, and I can't resist picking one up before work to then take home and have with a milky coffee in the evening. Mmmm...

005: Dreaming: Of Summer! Just thinking about wearing high waist shorts and having ice cream outside in 20 degrees heat is making me so impatient.

006: Listening: The 1975! I can't get enough of their second record and I'm planning to write an album review later in the week. But my ears have been blessed, it's like having lovely sweet easter eggs in my ears. Appropriate seasonal comparison. You're welcome.

What are you guys currently loving?

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  1. I'm currently dreaming of summer as well I can't wait - also loving the 1975's new album, truly incredible!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. it really is! I had to treat my ears to it again today hehe

  2. I'm dreaming of summer as well, definitely looking forward to the warmer weather! I've only just started listening to The 1975 and I'm really liking their music :) Cinnamon rolls from Starbucks sound divine!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    1. the rolls are very instagrammable - you might even find one in one of my recent blog photos haha

  3. I'm currently loving Spring, it's been AMAZING in Devon...does that inevitably mean a shoddy summer's on the cards?? I hope not.
    And cinnamon rolls? Yes please.
    M x

    1. For me and you both! Fingers crossed the weather gets even better haha


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