Top 4 Places To Have Coffee In London


-- We all live for coffee --

I'm in a full time relationship. With coffee and we're not going to break up anytime soon! And in the recent years, I've been committed to finding the best coffee that my home city, London has to offer. I think I have some pretty good places nailed down and it's not like the likes of Starbucks. Intrigued? Then read on my friend...

001 + 002: Timberyard Seven Dials and Timberyard Soho:
Hitting two birds with one stone, both chains of Timberyard are amazing and unique in their own way. One being in Covent Garden and the other in Soho, both come across as a beautiful homely places to chill, work and most importantly - have coffee. I did a post on Seven Dials and my praises continue to be high. Hipster vibes don't deter away from the high quality of coffee art and delicate taste of the beans. Their cakes are also top notch!

003: TAP Coffee Soho:
Quite literally around the corner from Timberyard, TAP take a more industrial take on their aesthetic with wooden everything and warm lighting. Their coffee, if you're looking for a much much stronger taste, is a kaleidoscope of bitter and sweet rolled into one. This is certainly one to take sips of to really take in all the flavours, so they are perfect if you own a sophisticated palette. Sandwiches there are beautifully fresh and full of flavour and team perfectly with the beverage.

004: Joe And The Juice King's Road:
If you're into coffee that's slightly on the milky side, then this place is for you. You can have the pink latte or ginger latte - which sounds like an all year round gingerbread latte. As well as the bog standard cappuccino. Their latte art is a pretty heart and I've also heard other people give positive reviews. Looking for a coffee fix, but not a full experience on the taste buds then go here!

What's your favourite place to go for coffee?

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  1. i love a good coffee place. my favorite place in berlin is "what do you fancy love?". such a cute store and they have good coffee and healthy snacks.

    1. that sounds like an amazing place! :)


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