My Spring Goals


-- All bright and colourful --

Looking forward more to May (ie my birthday - hint hint 8th...) I really want to embrace my new tastes and aim to try something different. Of course everyone says that, but I thought I'd let you guys know what I want to achieve in the near future. Though none of it is serious at all, just like that letter to my teenage self...

  • I should buy more flowers for my room. Of course I'm forever in love with succulents, but seeing these lovely rainbow tulips on my side desk has really made me happy about spring. These were from Lidl and they were an actual bargain for two bunches! So, adding more colour to my room is a must!
  • Talking of spending, I want to try more products from the Lush Kitchen. As my spending ban is coming to an end - with money I earn! (Because you're all scratching your heads about last week's Lush haul. That was Easter money ok!) Lush Kitchen create one off exclusive products you can only buy online, so I want to expand my collection really. And receive cool polaroids.
  • Spring is a time for bright things and cute Instagram themes, but I feel like I should turn my attention to photography. To build up my portfolio, I think I'm going to aim to take some spring themed photos and get my creativity out. Then, of course upload some to Instagram.
  • I have a serious love for independent magazines with the likes of frankie and oh comely. My aim for spring is to discover and read some new ones. I'm loving a bit of suitcase at the moment, but I may veer towards tumblr ones like cereal. Which I see ALL THE TIME on my dashboard. I'm just expanding my reading really.
What are your not so serious Spring goals?

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  1. I've been absolutely loving independent magazines lately. Atlas is forever a favourite of mine but I'll defo check out some of the ones you've mentioned. I wish we got Spring here; thinking of pretty flowers excites my heart!


    1. ooh I might have to check out their one :3

  2. I love both Frankie & Oh Comely as well, such beautiful independent magazines!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Yeah I want to take more nice photos too!

  4. Love your blogg😻😻

  5. I want to bring my body in summer shape :D

    xoxo, Colli

    1. Good luck! I'm sure you look amazing anyway but it's nice to feel good in the summer :)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx