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-- Currently loving a bit of morning telly --

I felt like writing another installment of my 'Currently' series. Well, it wasn't a series until now, so yay. This month is another host of new things that bring joy to me and my senses... and you could discover something new too!

001: Watching: This Morning! Call me an old lady, but I really love waking up in the morning and switching to itv to get my share of the daytime show. I love Holly and Phil and even though it can be depressing at times, the food and beauty sections are my favourites.

002: Reading: How To Build A Girl! I'm reading this for the second time and it's lighthearted and really funny. Though a bit sexual - but not too much, I love the whole plot surrounding bands and music journalism. It takes me back to the early teen days of spending money on issues of Kerrang! and NME. Aw aw.

003: Smelling: Rainbow Tulips! I spent £5 on some beautiful tulips in Lidl the other day (they're featured in my previous post photo) and the smell is amazing. Going into the room and the aroma - getting posh here - of fresh flowers hits you and it's just lovely.

004: Eating: Graze boxes! Having made a life changing recent discovery that Boots sell mini Graze boxes made me so happy. I'm currently obsessed with Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie. It's only 400 calories and real treat to have. What was my life like before it??

005: Dreaming: Of the Lush Kitchen! I made my first ever order the other day and I've been dreaming about my next one tomorrow... I'm so excited I can't contain it! I'm looking forward to writing about my little haul soon, but getting fresh handmade products to my door has overcome my dreams.

006: Listening: Nina Nesbitt! Her debut album is one of acoustic guitars and lyrics so summery, it literally brightens up your day listening to it. Though a couple of years old, I've always loved it and it's just perfect for putting on at this time of year!

What are you guys currently loving?

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  1. Your tulips looked so lovely I'm slightly jealous - think I need to get myself some fresh flowers soon!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thank you aw! And you really need to! Along with my succulents, they really brighten up my room :)

  2. Flowers are such a great way to just brighten up a room - you are definitely tempting me to buy some although my mum always puts some in the kitchen!

    1. aw that's quite nice! you could always get some for your room haha

  3. hi!nice post idea,i'm loving listening to the song "7 years" ,it's always on repeat hh
    i like this post


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