How To Have An Amazing Birthday


-- Go shawty! It's your birthday! --

It's 8th May - that means it's my birthday! I've turned 19 and it's my last year of being a teenager... I'm not even ready guys! But nevertheless, it's pretty exciting and I'm so thankful for what has happened to me this year so far. Apart from the amazing friends that make your day special, it's important to make it the best it can be yourself. With a little help of course.

The first thing you need is good weather, without it how can you have a dinner or picnic outside? It's entirely optional what kind of weather you can wish for, but I was lucky enough to be gifted with 26 degrees weather today. So much light and heat ahhh yess. I mean look how good this photo I took minutes ago turned out! It's of vitality that you pamper yourself before facing a busy but amazing day, choose a bath bomb, face mask and body scrub to have that "I just got up, got ready and feel good!" feeling. (I went for Lush's Intergalactic, Love Lettuce and Rough With The Smooth) Of course you need to throw on your favourite outfit and do your favourite makeup to feel extra good.

Afterwards, make yourself an amazing coffee, relax and chill with a read before starting the main day's activities. I went for some independent reads and a Dolce Gusto beverage. Mmm mmm mmm. Now gather your friends and family round, open up presents and then have a little melted heart session by saying thanks for everything. Once that's over, go out for food or if your family are preparing something, brace yourself to eat twice your body weight.

Then once you've had good food, relax some more, have some cake (because that's just a standard birthday thing) and then late at night have another pamper session. Yes, it's your birthday you deserve one. This time, pamper your feet, body, face and hair with loads of masks and creams. Of course you can opt for another bath, but I like to use a favourite shower product. I know I'll be going for a Zoella Beauty product tonight.

And that's everything you need for a perfect birthday! You can mix this up and change it to suit you, but really I just told you guys what I'm doing today haha.

Have an amazing Sunday guys xx

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  1. Happy Birthday! ♥

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you've had an amazing day! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. thank you so much and I certainly did haha :)

  3. There's nothing like birthday celebrations! X

    Cruelty free junk food on -

  4. Haha I am not a teenager anymore and it scares me - what is my life? I'm 20 - eeeek! Hope you had an amazing birthday lovely! x

    1. Ah that'll be me next year noo :'D and thank you, I actually did xx


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