The Simple Things In Life


-- From reading to making coffee --

After five days straight working, I finally have the weekend off - especially for my birthday tomorrow yay. To celebrate I bought myself a pamper kit (see blog post tomorrow) and a couple of magazines to read in the current London heatwave. *Woo hoo!* One of those was the simple things. It's of course another independent magazine that's now published under the same company as my favourite oh comely. They talk about the little things like recipes, enjoying the sun, travelling. The little things that can put a smile on our face - and the photography is so bright and happy I can't even.

I was inspired by their concept to come up with a list of things that are so small, but we can treasure in the moment. So, really, the simple things in our lives.

  • Waking up in the morning and sitting down with a coffee and book for a few minutes
  • Baking a cake from scratch and eating it with family and friends
  • Having a picnic in the park with amazing food and weather
  • Being able to perform the usual morning ritual of makeup and deciding what products to use
  • Going on a nice long walk through country or city
  • Visiting a gallery and forgetting time to take in the art
  • Stretching in bed before climbing out and having a refreshing shower
  • Using your favourite products on a pamper evening
  • Getting a takeaway in the evening and snuggling down to watch a film or show
  • Downloading a new album you've been dying to hear
  • Taking the time to pick up a few new magazines to read
  • Sitting in the garden with some squash or lemonade and to just relax or read a book
  • Spending time with friends and catching up
  • Having ice cream on the beach but with no one around but you and your baes
  • Playing an instrument or being able to do something creative
  • Lastly, that grateful and excited feeling knowing you will see your fave/s in concert soon
What little things would you add that you treasure in life?

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  1. Posts like this are my favourite, it's so important to appreciate the little things that make us happy. lovely blog layout btw! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. I know I do love a good post like this and thank you :) xx


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