3 Amazing Lush Cocktails For A/W You Should Try


-- The best bathing times! --

Now that it's fast approaching November and getting colder, it's the best time of year to buy loads of seasonal Lush products and a few favourites and chuck them together to create a bath cocktail! Ok, you may prefer one product, however, I'm partial to a couple of products to make a soak to remember... But enough rambling... Here's my favourite three cocktails for this season for you to hopefully try for yourself!

001: Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar and Shoot For The Stars bath bomb:
One Halloween bubble bar mixed with a Christmas product... What?? Well, the fruitiness of the pumpkin containing grapefuit and lime will go with the honey elements in this starry bath bomb. Plus, a bubble bar and bath bomb goes so well together if they both contain uplifting ingredients. Annddd Shoot For The Stars contains tiny star bath melts for extra moisturising water yaaay.

002: Boo bath melt and Lord of Misrule shower cream:
Boo is both a bath melt and bubble bar so you can get lovely bubbles and because there's ginger and sandalwood in there, the warming spiciness pairs with Lord of Misrule which is also similar in effect but with black pepper and patchouli. This is good for those aching muscles and nights when you want to relax.

003: Monster's Ball bath bomb and The Comforter shower cream:
The Comforter is a right berry scented classic, and I can't wait to use this for my next cocktail! Monster's Ball shares its scent with Calacas which contains lime and olibanum oils. So it smells really fresh and fruity - perfect for going with Comforter for a pink bubble fest. Also Monster's Ball has a chocolate eye... Don't try to eat it though!

What's your favourite Lush cocktails?

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  1. I love using Lord of Misrule and sunny side together! You should try it xx

    1. Oooh that sounds like a nice combination! :D


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