How I Found My Personal Style


-- Just a lot of stalking and saving --

If you're a long time reader, you probably would have noticed that what I wear has radically changed. I now wear bright and very dark lips along with simplistic clothes that are adorned with prints, beautiful cuts and comfy fabric. It's taken me a while but I'm finally finding pieces that I can wear on a regular basis that make me feel like the cool girl on the block without getting bored - hurrah! (Also, I do like to stand out!) If you're aiming to craft a capsule wardrobe or just want some new clothes in your life as a refresh, here's some pointers that I stuck to whilst buying. Once you've read this, you're on your way to cool!

  • Firstly, I just had a little nosey online to see what brands and stores had in that was on trend, as well as reading blog posts on outfit of the day's and seeing what youtubers were buying. I mainly was inspired by Primark, Zara and my favourite: Lazy Oaf. And then I just made a mini wish list.
  • I decided to start with staple pieces that could go with everything. E.g. mom fit jeans from Zara, a Lazy Oaf jumper, etc. I could wear any top/bottom with what I had my eye on, and it suddenly seemed worth the money. Also the Zara in Duke of York Square is probably the best one in London for what you can find.
  • I wouldn't spend all my money in one go. It can be tempting if you end up finding loads of pieces you love, but I think a little purchase here and there when you get paid is enough. I mean, clothes from Lazy Oaf cost at least £60 each... I'm not made of money haha. So, really, take your time and don't rush it - the joy of finding that one perfect piece a month is immense!
  • Now that I'm nearing the big 2-0, my style is slighting maturing, so it's a good idea to think if you would wear whatever you've seen in the next year or two years. Or it's not worth it. I saw a bomber jacket in Topshop that I loved, but I figured I wouldn't wear it again when the season comes round again. I saved around £50 not getting it.
  • Lastly, you do get what you pay for. Ok, Primark are amazing for cheap tops and jeans... buuuut if you spend that little extra, you can make whatever you like last for that little bit longer. That's why I like the price points in Zara because I know the quality will be better.
What do you guys do to create your personal style?

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  1. Aw I love this, and I completely agree with you on everything! You have such a lovely blog, keep up the good work pretty gal! x


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