Why You Shouldn't Stress About Your Blog


-- Chill out, relax, it's ok --

Last week I was in a mild panic. 'Omg I need to write a blog post... I'm going to lose page views... I feel so bad not being more active... WHAT DO I DOOO?!' Yeah that was me, and to be honest there was really no reason to be like that. It's ok to take a break, and putting pressure on yourself only makes you more panicked to put something out there for people to read. Anything will do! Except it won't really.

We're not all post churning machines and taking time to write a post should be relaxing and if you're caught up in something, don't feel guilty if you keep thinking you're neglecting your blog. In my case, I was working 8 days straight with shifts in the middle of the day so I had no time to take photos and write posts. It's only now that I'm on a week long holiday that I can write this post, and it's something I've wanted to highlight on for a couple of months. Blogging should be relaxing, an escape from the world and a chance to give yourself a voice on the internet - even if it's really only a whisper among the hundreds and thousands of other bloggers out there.

Blogging has been my main favourite hobby since 2014, I won't give the whole story because I've recounted it so many times of here, but you can read it here if you want. And there's nothing worse than putting high expectations for your blog on yourself - never mind other people doing it - which isn't good for thinking of post ideas and being happy about your blog. Soon, it'll become a chore and something you don't want to do...

Here's what I'm teaching myself to think when I get a lot of shifts and longer hours (because it's coming up to Christmas!), and you guys can put it into practice to:

  • If you miss a day or two, don't worry, no one's going anywhere. Ok, you may lose the odd follower but it's not the end of the world.
  • Do mini promos on social media on your recent posts in any spare moment, and go back to your blog when you've got half an hour or so to write about what you want.
  • On your commute, you can jot down quick ideas of posts you want to do in the future, so there's no danger of writer's block when you do come to your blog. (That's what I've been doing and be prepared for A LOT of festive posts in the next two month hahaha)
  • If having a post schedule is stressful enough, highlight it to your readers that you don't want to do it anymore and go for something more comfortable. People won't come back if they can't see you in your posts.
  • It's ok to take a break! Schedule a couple of posts and promos and rellaaaaxxxx.
What's your view on stressing about our blogs and putting pressure on ourselves?

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  1. You are so right and your tips are just perfect. I think especially as newer/younger bloggers get into the blogging scene, you read tons of blog tips on how to improve and you get so focused on things like that and the big ideas on 'how to make a successful blog' that you end up stressing out alot. I too just jot down blog ideas on the go. It makes for good posts and! I have so many backup posts to write so when I need to write them I just do it and queue them up.

    Hey Zaire

    1. I'm glad you feel the same way as me! I don't think anyone should try to aim to be successful from the start because it will suck all the fun out!


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