Some Things I Bought Recently...


-- A mini haul'in --

Over the past few weeks I've been trying so hard to control my spending. I may have spent around £80 in Primark this month, BUT it was on essentials like jumpers, a coat and flannel pajamas because I didn't have hardly anything. It was like summer threw up in my wardrobe so I needed a clothes update. Aside from that, I made little purchases and got a couple of freebies with my points cards, so here's a little haul for you guys to see what I buy that isn't Lush or a Boots haul haha.

001: Cath Kidston Snail Doorstop:
This guy is probably one of the cutest purchases I've ever made this year - and from the brand. He's colourful, pretty and a novelty take on the little garden friends that come out at this time of year. It's handy to have a doorstop especially when there's a draft in the house. *shudders* I'd like to think I'll have Steve (yes I named him don't judge me) for years and he'll match my future interior decor.

002: Insta Polaroid Prints from Urban Outfitters:
Paying £1 a print is a huge steal in my opinion as I always have a few coins lying around in my purse. I love the machine in the Oxford Street store as you can print directly from your Instagram account and the ones I went for were my friends at the House of Minalima, meeting up with Vicky (vvnightingale) for a coffee and some Lush pals at the showcase. These will adorn my picture string wall. Too cute.

003: Frankie Magazine:
I've been OBSESSED with this Australian independent magazine for over a year now, and because it's bi-monthly, it's always a joy to see the new issue on the shelves of WHSmith. This month's cover is my new favourite and it's full of cute arty articles and amazing people. I'll do a review on it later this month!

004: NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Lipstick in Vintage:
Out of all these products, this one is the only one I got for free. I used my Boots points and got this gorgeous dark berry liquid lipstick. I've not stopped wearing it for a whole week, and you can read my review on it here. I really love NYX as a brand and their products have amaazzinngg quality.

What have you guys picked up recently??

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  1. Frankie magazine is one of my faves - the door stop is also sooo cute!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I knooow I just want to hug him (that's weird but it's true haha)

  2. I love that you named your snail Steve, it's so cute! I've heard of frankie magazine (probably from your blog) and I'm defo intrigued! I'm going to try and pick up the latest issue + I love artsy stuff so I'm excited!

    1. Haha thank you! Frankie is unbelievably artsy you'll love it! xx


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