8 Places To Visit In London This Festive Season


Deck the halls with boughs of holly tra la la la la la

If you're anything like me, you're excited about Christmas and the whole run up. London is suddenly festooned (I learnt that word from a Christmas novel two years ago haha) with trees, lights and everything that has the colours red, green and gold in! And that's when I wrap up warm and head out for a full on day exploring the city and taking pictures. Having done a bit of research and from past experience, I've compiled a list of the top places in London you guys need to visit over the course of the 7 weeks till the big day comes.... I KNOW! It's so soon! Enjoy, and do comment below where you love to go to feel festive.

001: Covent Garden:
The Apple Market in Covent Garden is the real star of London's festive scene. They have a massive tree as well as giant baubles adorning the whole inside of the market ahh. You can feel all festive while looking for unique gifts for family and friends. And don't forget to grab a gingerbread latte at Starbucks after hehe.

002: Oxford Circus:
One of the best places to feel Christmassy I think. I personally love their classic lights and Regent Street is also pretty stunning. Walking up and down it, you'll be sure to see stunning window displays and wanting to take pictures of EVERYTHING. I also love hitting up Tiger and buying £2 and £4 decorations for my room while I'm there!

003: Liberty London:
If you want to feel quintessentially British, then this should be on top of your list before you go to Oxford Circus. This year they have Nutcrackers outside! (See my photo above! - do you know how long I waited just to take it?? The whole population of Iceland passed me...) Their Christmas shop is always showstopping and you can buy decorations ranging from £3 up to £100 and probably above...

004: Selfridges:
You can't not scour London for a true Christmas atmosphere without stopping by Selfridges. Their windows are always unique and colourful (I always take billions of pictures!) and be sure to also pop into their Christmas shop as well! Don't forget to check out the beauty department to get present ideas for yourself *wink wink*.

005: Winter Wonderland:
The classic number one destination in Hyde Park to feel like you're in a German Christmas market as well as in Antarctica or Iceland with the decor. You've got bars serving mulled wine, stands full of sweets, churros and hot chocolates, stalls selling unique gifts and the rides and attractions. Not forgetting the ice rink! I love Winter Wonderland, and I hope it's extra special as it's the 10th anniversary this year!

006: King's Road:
I've never ventured much to Chelsea, but they've got their Christmas market and the decorations in the square near the Saatchi is spectacular. And you can also get some shopping done for family and friends on the high street! You've got the likes of Lush, Anthropologie and Peter Jones...

007: Harrods:
You can't leave out Harrods in this list! Just like Selfridges, the windows are amazing and you can also visit their Christmas shop!! Once me and my friend went to Winter Wonderland and then walked to Harrods as part of our festive adventure! It felt like a really special day.

008: Ice Rink at the Natural History Museum:
I know Winter Wonderland has one, but if you can visit this one just outside the museum - I've never been, but seeing pictures makes the atmosphere look and feel incredible. Even if it doesn't snow this year, you can still feel the icy spirit by coming here and doing this festive past time hehe.

Where do you guys like to go to feel festive and seasonal?


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  1. London is so beautiful and packed full of life in the christmas season - I need to take a trip to liberty!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I know!! It makes me feel so happy inside haha

  2. I'm SO excited to go to Winterwonderland this year! In fact... I'm just super excited about Christmas this year for some reason, haha!



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