Affordable Winter Beauty Must Haves


Get your purses ready for a splurge 

There's literally nothing better (unless you count the days when you can have a Lush bath and then gorge on takeaway after) than a new season coming and making the excuse that you need new products. I mean you've got to keep up with the trends... Ok, I personally haven't hit Boots yet to refresh my makeup.... BUT I WILL SOON! In the meantime, here's some picks of amazing products you guys can pick up that's suitable for the coming season. (All affordable and all drugstore yaaay!)

001: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation:
What's Winter without having a full coverage foundation? It'll be freezing so there's no worry of it melting off, plus you can cover those pesky spots. I love this one as it's perfect for all skin types and gives a nice glowing finish to my dull tired skin.

002: Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit:
Now the bronzer has been put back in the drawer, it's time to find another way to colour your face. Contouring! You can continue to define your beautiful cheeks and nose and look like a slaying ice queen in the winter!

003: Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107:
I love dark lips at all times of the year, but Winter is when I can officially rock that dark red lip. I know EVERYONE and their dog goes on about this one. But I think it's a must have staple to have in your every day look. (And this one is the second one I've bought in three years...)

004: Garnier Micellar Water:
When it comes to the end of the day, your skin needs looking after... This one is pretty good for getting rid of all the makeup and dirt from the day. You'll feel instantly refreshed and ready to do another cleanse or move onto toner.

005: NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in London:
Nudes are epic. And NYX - the best brand in the drugstore at the moment - has amazing buttery lip sticks. These are so good that they won't dry your lips out in the cold and will give such pigment you'll shock yourself. Also, you can save pennies by avoiding the MAC counter...

006: Seventeen Skin Wow! Concealer:
If you're to cover your dark eyes due to feeling tired all the time from the dark weather, this one is a bargain. It's full coverage, doesn't crease and gives a pow to brightening your under eyes. (You can also pair it with the effective NYX dark circle corrector)

007: Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in Frozen:
I love warm colours throughout the year, but what really hits the spot is wearing a beautiful silver. I loooveee this one so so much. You wouldn't believe it's a £1 because it's so pigmented. Plus, it goes wonderfully with the Rimmel 107 and other dark lips for that extra pop.

What products from the drugstore are you guys loving?


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  1. I was probable the last girl on earth that didn't own the Rimmel Kate 107 lipstick but I purchased it recently and I love it. I am currently using my second bottle of the Garnier micellar water and it is great!


    1. When you try those, you will never look back haha

  2. I want to try the NYX lippies, I have a few shades in my wish list but NYX is so hard to find where I live. X

    | |

    1. Oh no :( you should go on the Boots website as there's a NYX store locator page on there xx


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