How To Channel Your Inner Winter Girl


It's the most wonderful time of the year

Guys, it's now officially November... Long gone are the hours spent searching up pictures of pumpkins and Autumn leaves, because now it's gingerbread latte season and the run up to the festive season has begun! Yaaaay! *does a little dance around my bedroom* That means adorning your life with candy canes and Christmas pictures... Here's a few suggestions on how to get your festive game on. (Or I like to call it, bring out your inner Winter girl from Pinterest) Sit back, relax and get inspired...

001: Get your cosy knits out!:
If you haven't already, it's probably a good idea to bring out your cosy bobble hat, jumpers and socks because not only is it about to get colder, but you also need to get those cute outfit of the days. You know the ones when your holding a coffee cup or creating a festive flat lay on your bed. Also, they're just the best things to ever exist. Period.

002: Drink jug fulls of Gingerbread Lattes:
The Starbucks red cup is coming back as well as the festive drinks! So get saving those extra pennies and work on turning your blood into an extravaganza of spices and sweetness. Plus, if you're drinking in an aesthetically pleasing area, bring your props and make it a photo sesh for your blog/insta. If you don't take a pic, did you ever drink it??

003: Bake mince pies and conjure up hot chocolate and marshmallows:
What does a girl do in the winter when you're not out exploring all the festive places? Baking some lovely treats and getting cosy by the fire with a classic warming winter drink! You can easily get ready made pastry and jars of mince meat, so get creative - plus nothing beats Cadbury hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on top nom nom nom. Alternatively, you can buy those boxes of Christmas chocolates - they're also really good for photo props.

004: Read some Christmas novels:
There's nothing better than hitting up Waterstones and stocking up on books all about Christmas. Favourites of mine include I Heart Christmas and Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop which are super lighthearted - and you can see my reviews on them here from last year. They also make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as well!

005: See all the Christmas displays in your area:
I'll be doing a blog post on this at the end of the month, but if you really want to be all winter girl, then visiting the displays in London or wherever you live should be high on your list! Taking photos of these and then going for a hot chocolate in Starbucks after is what dreams are made of. My favourite by is the giant tree in Covent Garden omg.

Last but not least, any winter girl stocks up on Lush Christmas because not only is it full of spicy, warming and sweet smelling products. But they're all also super cute and perfect for being blog props and making you feel cheerful for the season. Lush really is the epitome of the season and how many pictures of them do you see on Pinterest? Exactly.

What do you guys do in the run up to Christmas?

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  1. I'm very happy that its finally the christmas season, where I can have alllll the gingerbread, mince pies and hot chocolate haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Same, I think I realised last year that it's officially my favourite time of the year! That, and Autumn!

  2. This post got me so excited for Christmas! And it comes at the right time, because today I'll be doing quite a few things on this list :D Tonight's the official switch on of the Christmas lights in Northampton, so I'll be standing there with a seasonal hot drink in my hands! I'm wearing a cute winter knit for the occasion. This is the best time of the yeaaaar :D

    Julia x

    1. YESSS! You go and kill it with your festive game haha

  3. I'm in total winter girl mode already, I'm loving it! True to form, I'm drinking ALL the gingerbread lattes and all that's missing is a good christmas novel! Thanks for sharing this chick, it's made me feel so festive x

    Always, Alice

    1. Aw that's ok! You also can't beat Starbucks red cups haha xx


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