Sunday Snuggle Down #32


Warm cosy winter afternoons are just...

I've been off work for a mini holiday for the majority of the week and it's just been great. Because (1.) I've drunk my body weight in hot chocolate, marshmallows and cream - and I'm still going! Plus I've just been spending all my wages on Christmas presents and decorations for my room! And (2.) There's a new theme on my blog woo hoo! This one is another free good'un that I found on gooyabi themes, I was sadly getting bored of my old one (Don't worry it's backed up on my laptop in case I miss it haha) So I hope you guys like it! Anyways, without further ado, here's all the blog posts I've been loving in between!

  • If you need 150 reasons to smile, then you NEED to read Katy's blog post where she asked everyone what good things happened to them in the week. It's so heartwarming...
  • More Lush Christmas treats for your eyes to feast on, and Sophie's post is a cracker!
  • Yet to buy yourself an advent calender? Here's some amazing ones you should add to your wishlist. Note: say goodbye to all your money hehe
  • I'm yet to expand my luxury skincare usage to other brands (apart from Liz Earle) so reading this review on Pixi by Petra products has got my purse strings wagging...
  • Itching to bake something, then look at this recipe for mini homegrown apple pies because oh my gosh.
  • Louise's open letter to her daughter is the sweetest thing I've read all week, I nearly cried. You guys need to read it because it's just so beautiful.

What posts have you guys been loving this week?


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  1. Louise's open letter to her daughter was so beautiful wasn't it?!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It really was, I actually nearly had tears in my eyes aw aw


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx