20 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends


A helping hand to start your shopping

I know everyone's doing these gift guides for blogmas... And I admit, I did want to jump on the bandwagon and do my own, but I wanted to do mine with a twist. Instead of listing a bunch of products, I thought I would give some general ideas of what you can get your friends (and even your family!). It's quite hard to know what they would want, but choosing something special and giving thought into a present makes it all the more worthwhile. So, here's twenty gift ideas for you to give to your bezzies....

001: Make an evening pamper jar with shower gel, lotion, a bath bomb, shower lily and chocolates

002: Or a nail one with hand cream, top coat and a few colours in a cute purse

003: A hot chocolate gift with a mug, marshmallows, syrup and cocoa powder (nom nom)

004: A calender with your friend's fave celeb or animal

005: The best cosy pyjamas from Primark

006: A massive selection chocolate box

007: A Lush bath bomb or bubbles gift set (you can't go wrong with these)

008: Makeup like highlighting or eyeshadow palettes and a couple of lipsticks

009: A couple of books - lighthearted and random or from a favourite author...

010: Buy a disposable camera and a little photo album so they can make memories in a different way

011: Some cute homeware pieces from H&M home or Primark

012: Candles! Everyone loves candles!

013: A body mist gift set if they're obsessed with smelling good

014: A cinema voucher if they love going to the cinema and watching the latest film

015: Cute jewellery from the likes of Topshop or any other high street shop

016: Create a stocking filled with goodies like chocoate, a purse, nail paints, mini candles, etc.

017: If you're feeling cheeky, buy a couple of concert tickets to your fave artist

018: Something unique like a smartphone projector or a mini speaker

019: Buy a few lovely prints if they love pasting their walls with cool art

020: A subscription to their favourite magazine for a year

What else would you buy for your friends?


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  1. Such good ideas - love the sound of the pamper jar!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. thank you, I'm so happy you liked them! xx

  2. This is so helpful! Everything on the list is so unique, thanks for the post xx

    1. You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it lovely xx


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