Why You Need The Sleek Contour & Colour Corrector Palettes


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It's been a while since I wrote about buying these products... but I've finally come to the conclusions that I wanted. I've given these a good chance to be tested out, so sit back with a hot chocolate (or any other beverage of choice) and read on for my verdicts...

Sleek has been one of my favourite drugstore brands since the dawn of time, and my holy grail from them has to be the cult favourite: higlighting palette in 'Solstice'! But what about their contouring side of things?? - I hear you ask. Well, They have three main palettes filled with 6 cream contour shades which are all called light, medium and dark. I personally opted for the 'light' as I didn't want to look like an oompa loompa with orange and brown streaks across my face haha. On a first impression, they are reasonably pigmented, but not overally so that you wouldn't be able to blend them. After a fair few days of trialling it out, I think it gives a lovely muted contour that isn't too harsh on the complexion - I'm generally quite pale. Though I did find it easier to apply with fingers, and then blend it with a brush.

The colour corrector on the other hand, is something that I've never seen before from the brand. Mainly because it's a very new addition. I was very intrigiued by the pale pastel shades and the fact that it reminded me of primary school paint palettes hehe. Each colour claims to do something different. (And practising bad blogger etiquete, I threw the box away so I don't know what they do... But let me google it!) Ok so in order: Green: Neutralises redness – ideal for concealing scars and blemishes. Lilac: Neutralises yellow – ideal for brightening sallow, dull complexions. Blue: Neutralises orange – ideal for neutralising freckles and hyperpigmentation. Rose: Adds radiance and brightens dark spots. Yellow: Neutralises purple – ideal for concealing veins and dark circles. Orange: Neutralises blue – ideal for concealing dark circles on medium skin tones. And yes, I put it in italics because I copied this off the Boots website... ANYWAAAYSSS... I've only ever used the yellow and green for my zombie under eyes and random spots and I have to say, it's incredible! An amazing bargain for £7.99 with 6 colours, I don't think you need to consider breaking the bank with more higher end products. Just literally go for this!

So, you can tell, I'm pretty chuffed with these products. And rightly so! I freaking love Sleek!

What are your favourite products from the brand?


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