A Very Merry Lush Christmas Blogger Event


The most wonderful event of the year!!

Yes, you read that title right... I went to a fricking blogger event! Yes it was my first ever one (And I was esctatic!) There were five of us and three lovely ladies from the store, not a lot but that made it more easier to chat and it felt quite homely. And also, those snacks were pretty epic - give me all the pretzels!! Anyways, let's get down to what we did...

Firstly, we all played a game to introduce ourselves which involved throwing a snowman shower jelly at each other and saying our favourite product. Cue a lot of mentions of twilight scented products and laughs. Next was the demos! (Oooohh!) As you can see, we saw a demo of Golden Wonder which not only smelt good but looked incredible in the bowl with the stars and colours - and FYI it contains lime oil and sweet orange oil to give it that cheeky champagne scent. Next was a demo of Santasaurus and the Ruby Red Slippers. These are both uplifting and Santasaurus contains bergamot and Brazillian orange oil. Yes then.

Speaking of Ruby Red Slippers, this was the product that we made. With all the ingredients like glycerine, corn flour, bicarbonate of soda and all the others that make up the bubble bar, it was so fun to make. And it felt like we were in the Lush factory. I mean, could I use this as work experience to get a job in the Lush Kitchen?? (Note: remember to tweet them and ask) I decided to use the mould as I've never used this product while everyone else got creative. These were left over night and voila, a tangerine, rose and carnation infused bubble bar!

Afterwards, was more demos. Shower cocktails to be precise! So sit back, and prepare for your mind to be blown... We saw a mixture of Yuzu and Cocoa and Lord Of Misrule (holy moly) and that made an amazing sweet spicy scent as well as Bubbly and Rose Jam which smelt exactly like Turkish Delight ahh. I'm defo going to try Yuzu with Misrule when I can as those are my two favourites at the moment. Also, who knew creating bubbles with jugs could be so fun??

Lastly, we were given little knotwrapped gifts which was the kindest thing ever. I recieved Mr Sandman dusting powder, Santa Baby lip tint, Christingle body conditioner and Salt and Peppermint Bark body scrub. The latter two are AMAZING for the summer, so I'm glad they'll last till the end of next year because I'll for sure be bathing in these during the hot days hehe. I'll also review the rest on my Lush instagram: @lushieayy - and I might pop them in a favourites...

I'm so so grateful that I was invited, and it was one of my favourite nights of 2016 for sure! So, thank you to all the lovely ladies at Lush Croydon for inviting me along! I'll link day three of my Vlogmas below which included footage from the event if you want to see more!

Lush Event Vlog:

Comment below your favourite Lush Christmas product at the moment...


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  1. I'd love to go to a Lush event as they always look so much fun! My favourite is Snow Fairy shower gel!


    1. If your local one ever announces an event, you should defo try and go! :)

  2. You're so lucky you got to go to a Lush blogger event, very jealous - sounds like you had an amazing time!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Awww haha - you need to go to one when there's one near you though!! You would love it and I did have an amazing time xx


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