Sunday Snuggle Down #34


Tis the season to be jolly...

Wow, guys. What a week it has been for me and all of us. Firstly, it is FINALLY December yaaay. I still can't believe the year is nearly over... But let's not wish it away too quickly. Vlogmas' and blogmas' everywhere have started and I'm relishing it. I decided to vlog on my days off, and it's been super fun so far, so go on over here and watch my most recent ones. There's a couple of good'uns. I also went to my first ever blogger event, which was at Lush! It was the best night ever, and there'll be a blog post coming next week - ooohh. In the meantime, here's the blog posts I've been loving recently...

Who's blogs have you guys been reading this week?

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  1. Thank you for sharing these links. I need a good read this morning, I am wrapped in blankets, have my hot chocolate ready and I will read my favourite lovely blogs! Have a nice Sunday! x


    1. That sounded like a good morning omg

  2. The blogger event sounds like it would be fun! I love Lush

    1. It really was! The post is live on my blog now xx


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