A Lush Kitchen Christmas Haul


Deck the halls with fresh products!

(Tra la la la, la la la!) Ok, now that's out of the way haha, I recently made a cheeky order on the Lush Kitchen website and opted for everything festive. I considered it a festive present to myself - well that's what I tell myself... So, before we get into what I ordered, let me tell you what the Lush Kitchen is, if you're isn't as a hardcore fan of Lush as me. The Lush Kitchen is an exclusive online store which creates a "menu" as such with one off products for that week. They release two products a day and each product you receive comes with amazing polaroids of the compounders and the product. Ahhh so cool! Some products are so popular that the limited stock sells out in literally minutes as products are put live at 8am each day. Ok, I legit just copied that from a previous post, but let's move on!

001: Snowcake shower gel:
I mainly went on the website to order this as I was OBSESSED with the soap version last year as it smells just like marzipan ahh. It's a creamy gel and just smells comforting and too good to eat as it contains a hella load of almonds and a bit of rose absolute - mmm.

002: Maple Taffy lip balm:
Keeping in with the edible smelling theme here, this lip balm contains shea butter, coconut oil for a moisturising treatment to the lips and actual maple syrup. And holy moly does it taste good! As soon as I got it the other day, I applied it and I haven't stopped since!

003: Lush Pud bath bomb:
This shares its scent with snowcake and has aloe vera, clove powder, rose absolute and cassie absolute. Again, I just realllyyy want to eat this. But I can't. And also it looks like a super cute christmas pudding ahh. I'm planning to save this for the week of Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for a demo...

004: Green, Green Bath of Foam bubble bar:
Last, but not least. This Christmas tree looking bubble bar smells of tree and natural foliage that you would hang outside and among your house. It contains bergamot oil, grapefruit oil and gardenia extract. So all very fresh and uplifting... Can't wait to give this an indulgent go after all my festive shifts at work haha.

Have you guys picked up anything from the Kitchen recently?


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  1. Oh my goodness,everything you bought sounded lovely-definitely need snowcake in my life! x


    1. Haha thank you! Hopefully they'll put it back on the menu soon! xx


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