5 Truths About Growing As A Blogger


The only way is up!

I have been blogging now for almost three years... *shudders* How does time literally go soo fast? And during this glorious time so far, I have learnt a fair few things that I can tell you guys about. Though, reading that back makes me sound like an actual grandma I can't even. Creating this blog was the best thing I've ever done and it was only last year that I felt I was getting into the swing of it, so to speak. I hope you guys can relate to what I say, and do comment what you've learnt as well!

001: Even if you've been blogging for a few months or even four years, you're always learning new things. I'm still learning about taking good photos (getting that exposure and flatlay right...), engaging with you guys and creating that perfect blog design that's on point!

002: It can take time to find what you really love blogging about. What you loved writing about last year might not suit you now, and that's ok, being stuck in the same rut stops you growing and can push away readers. *sad face* It's all about experimenting with posts and themes to find what says 'you!'. I've been through so many themes and posts, and I wouldn't want to write a weekly post now of what I've put on my tumblr. No one cares anyway haha.

003: Comparing yourself to others only slows you down. Who cares if Stacy has 1000 followers and gets tons of views, yet only posts twice a week. If you do it too often, especially when starting out, it'll take the fun out of blogging, and soon you won't care about the content because you just want followers. Focus on your own goals and growth and it'll all come to you...

004: Easier said than done, but pour your personality into everything. Be it, your writing style, the photos, your header. EVERYTHING. That way, if someone goes on your blog, they know it's all you and you're not just another clone of that 'perfect post minimal blogger'. Originality is key, and practicing your writing technique on post drafts can really help.

005: Social media doesn't need to be a boring chore, have fun and engage with followers and other bloggers! Don't just use your accounts to promote posts (you'll sound like a bot - trust me I've been there guys), use twitter, instagram and any other form to continue to show your personality and talk to other bloggers. It certainly feels less lonely! Twitter is my personal favourite as there's blogger chats you can join in with like #TheGirlGang - that's my favourite!

Comment what truths you've learnt growing as a blogger!


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  1. Completely agree with all of these! Congrats on almost 3 years, time really does fly! x

    1. ahh thank you jennie! I know, it's actually crazy haha xx


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