A Few Goodies From The Lush Sale


Half price cosmetics? Yes please!

All I can say right now is thank goodness I haven't touched any of these since Boxing Day... I've been so immersed with my Lush instagram, that I've completely forgotten to tell you guys on my blog what I bought from Lush in the Boxing Day sale. Please forgive me?? *does a puppy dog face* I've never really been the type of girl to set the alarm ridiculously early, and stumble half asleep to the shops to grab some bargains. The only reason I went was because I was working. Meh. I couldn't go as mad as I wanted as the store near my work didn't have much. It was basically these four products anyway. But that didn't stop me buying them!

001: Mistletoe bath bomb:
This was one of the new additions that I never got to try during the season, so I thought I would snap one up before I missed the chance. Sadly, I can't get up the ingredients, but it does smell fresh and slightly floral. So, this one would be perfect for Spring, and the design of it is so pretty that I can't even.

002: Sleepy Body lotion:
The holy grail body lotion - hurrah. I first bought this at the Lush Creative Showcase way back in September and I haven't even finished the first pot. Why, you may ask, have you got another?? That's because I'm so obsessed with it that I needed another smaller pot as a back up - in case, y'know, I can't get one ever again. Though I do hope the Lush Kitchen release this beautifully nourishing twilight scented body lotion...

003: Autumn Leaf bath bomb:
I'm quite surprised they kept this on throughout the Christmas period, as I don't see this as a festive product but defo more of a Autumn/Halloween one. But this is one of my favourites as it smells like grass and leaves, and it creates beautiful colours in the water that literally looks like you just threw all kinds of autumnal leaves in your bath. I'm keeping this for Spring when I feel like I want to be closer to nature.

004: Bubbly shower gel:
I nearly cried when I saw that Snow Fairy was gone... But the good news was that I managed to pick up the last medium bottle of Bubbly! It shares its scent with Golden Wonder bath bomb which is a fresh champagne scent. Mmmm. It has fresh grape juice and lime oil, which makes it perfect for perking me up in the morning when I have to get ready for work!

Did you guys buy anything from Lush on Boxing Day?


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  1. I got the Sleepy body lotion for Christmas, it smells divine!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. I literally want to bathe in a whole tub of it haha

  2. Sleepy body lotion sounds lovely!! x


    1. It actually is... I'm OBSESSED!!

  3. I went shopping a few days after boxing day and my local lush was out of bath bombs completely, but I did pick up ultrabland facial cleanser, which wasn't sale but still! Also really want to try sleepy body lotion!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Omg! Fingers crossed the Kitchen brings out some products during the year..


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