A Few Netflix Shows You Have To Watch Now


Oops I got addicted again...

I've usually been in one of those ruts where there's been so much choice of movies and shows to watch on Netflix but really there's nothing. I've seen all the raved about shows and I'm not in the mood to watch reruns of PLL. Because I'm always up to date with the latest episode haha.

BUT recently, there's actually been a few good choices - and they're mainly Netflix originals hurrah. When I can, on days off and after shifts, I love to snuggle up on my bed or the sofa with a good cuppa (it always has to be coffee) and watch a couple episodes.

And especially on days like today where London has turned into Mordor... And here is a little list of them because your life would not be complete without them... Seriously.

001: #GIRLBOSS: Aside from the fact that the book that this is (very) loosely based on is a sensation in the blogging world, the Netflix original is soo good. The series follows Sophia making her vintage online business Nasty Gal into a legit brand - with funny moments along the way! I'm getting towards the end and I'm hoping for a big finale. If you love fashion, San Fran and the idea of achieving your dreams no matter what, this is for you!

002: Orphan Black: This is one of those shows that no matter how dark it gets, it never gets boring. With the odd fun moments, it's one of my favourites! Based around a girl called Sarah Manning who sees a look a like commit suicide, she takes up her identity in order to make a better life for her and her daughter. Turns out the girl (Beth) is her clone and soon she gets mixed up in a web about her other clones and the experiments tied to their existence. Sounds very science fiction right?

003: Jane The Virgin: If you're feeling down, watching this will make your day! It's sooo hilarious with a cheesy narrator, funny moments and a sprinkle of drama thrown in. Based in Miami, it's about Jane who is a virgin but accidentally gets inseminated by another guy's sperm, and what follows is a trail of events that puts her relationship with her boyfriend to the test - and a lot of laughs.

004: And other amazing shows that you need to watch:

  • Riverdale
  • Stranger Things
  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

What shows have you guys been obsessed with?


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  1. YES I love Jane the virgin! Its like my comfort show xx


    1. Omg same! With the weather today, it was just so so nice to put on :) x

  2. #GIRLBOSS is my new obsession! I've been contemplating on whether to watch Jane The Virgin or not, but I definitely have to start binging like right now. Great post x

    Bits of Reg | Regina

    1. Omg you should watch it! I wasn't sure at first but it's the funniest show I've seen in aaggeeeesss x

  3. I love Jane The Virgin and Riverdale! I'm currently watching the Shadowhunters which I'm really enjoying. I also started PLL from the beginning again because someone from the cast mentioned that there have been clues about A.D since season 2/3!

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

    1. Omg PLL!! And I've seen some theories floating around and I'll be shocked if none of those are true because they make the most sense!! :)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx