Exploring The House Of Minalima


Travelling into the wizarding world...

On the same day that me and Vicky went to that trendy coffee shop, we also went to Soho/Covent Garden which followed in me FINALLY going into The House of Minalima. Which has been on my wishlist since forever in terms of Harry Potter. #Potterheadforlife.

If you're not aware, as I wasn't until that day. The House of Minalima (essentially a shop/exhibition) is based around all the art done by Mina and Lima for the films of Harry Potter and more recently Fantastic Beasts. Which makes total sense but I was confused about the whole fairy tale side like Beauty and The Beast - but it turns out, it's just showcasing more of the work they've done haha.

This place is absolutely MAGICAL. It's literally up the road from where the theatre for the Cursed Child is being shown and it really feels like you're entering into someone's house. There's Daily Prophet front pages everywhere and Harry's Hogwarts letter are scattering the stairs as you go up.

There's also glass cases full of props that were actually in the film and omg guys look at the Quibbler! I legit wanted to take home a copy! You could also see posters from the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and the wanted posters and The New York Ghost front pages from Fantastic Beasts.

And can we also talk about the Marauder's Map that graces one of the floors. I can't even guys I'm fangirling...

This is a perfect little escape from the world and I'm definitely planning a trip back again. Now, I've just got to get my parents to get me tickets to the Studio tour! *hint hint* Mum, if you're reading this post...

 Have you guys been to the House of Minalima?


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  1. Wow, I can't believe I haven't been there yet haha. It looks fantastic, all these letters everywhere! Harry Potter props are the best because it all looks so real. Thank you for sharing these pictures, btw I hope you get to see the Studios - they're as awesome as you'd expect haha!

    Julia x
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    1. It really is and the only part that makes me sad that none of it is actually real... oh how moving pictures would make the world a much more interesting place haha and thank you! I'm having my fingers super crossed! xx


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