I Finally Got My Hands On The Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette


The velvet/suede palette of dreams

For the LONGEST time, the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette has been on my high end beauty wish list. After purchasing the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, it seemed that my addiction to buying more expensive makeup was just beginning...

After reading countless reviews, oohing and aahing over whether to part with £41 for another warm toned palette, I bit the bullet and gave in. And let me tell you, after making my purchase on Beauty Bay and testing this over the past few days, I do not regret my decision at all. Also, you're allowed to treat yourself to lavish products right??

The most amazing thing about ordering from Beauty Bay, was the fact that I got free next day delivery. Yep, you read that right. FREE. NEXT DAY. DELIVERY. Omg. Soo you can imagine how excited I was to see the box sitting on my bed.... After ripping it open, the muted pink packaging was gleaming up at me and I couldn't wait for the next morning to get stuck in.

Now, a lot of people say that even though the suede (or velvet or whatever you want to call it) is beautiful, it easily gets dirty. That's why I'm making sure to keep it in the original box and wash my hands free of concealer and powder before putting my mitts anywhere near this palette of dreams. FYI the perfect colour for putting in my flatlay photos. Inspired by the Renaissance era, you have lovely pretty shades that are PERFECT for transitioning into Autumn and even using during the season. Which was obviously what I had in mind!

And the best thing? The brush that comes with it is is actually decent - and not just because everyone's saying it, but the denser side is amazing for using to blend in the colours. And honestly (I know you're waiting for this verdict) each colour that I've swatched is sooooo pigmented. You only need to lightly tap the brush on each colour and bam! SO much colour on the eyes it's unreal...

I can't wait to get more use out of the pinks that I don't currently have, and let me tell you guys, Realgar and Red Ochre are just the right kind of shades for blending into the outer corners and crease of the eye. Plus Primavera makes a pretty neat inner eye highlighter! In summary, think Autumn solstice goddess or summer sunset queen looks.

I must warn you, because the shades are so pigmented and creamy compared to cheaper brands, there is a little bit of fall out. But not much. (It's generally about the same as the Too Faced ones if you're wondering) Now, the question remains, what will I be spending my money on next? And most importantly, will I ever grow tired of this palette? If the Too Faced purchase, and the quality of this palette is anything to go by, probably not...

What's your favourite high end palette?


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  1. I adore my modern renaissance palette, I got it pretty much as soon as it was released and didn't like it at first- but now it's my all time favourite for formula. I wish mine was still clean and pretty like yours, mines no longer pink but muddy brown!

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

  2. I've added this palette to my birthday wish list - it looks gorgeous!

    Lucy | Forever September


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