Why Change Is Good (And Pretty Exciting)

by - 28.8.17

Hooray for growth

'You've changed' seems to have such a negative energy about it, and it's REALLY bugging me. Whether it's directed at a favourite youtuber or a favourite singer's new record, there's alwaaaays someone saying those words. WHYYYY. For me, changing is all about growing, which I'm sure you guys will agree with and if we didn't, we would still be the same awkward 12 year old at the age of 19.

Picture 14 year old me. Desperately wanting to be accepted by everyone, plastering her walls with Kerrang! posters and being jealous of those who can pull off the perfect gothic look. Now look at 20 year old me. Pink pink pink. Cath Kidston and Lazy Oaf galore, a love affair with candles and plants with a sprinkling of tumblr cutesy indie and youtube fangirl trash. Oh, and I also reaally like Autumn now.

The above picture is a perfect representation, even if horribly edited. Let's be real, few of us will have the niche to pose like a fashion blogger pro.

ANYWAYS. What I'm trying to say by giving little old me as an example, is that it's natural to change and grow. If I was still my awkward 14 year old self minus the rad rock music taste, I'd hate life. But that isn't to say we turn into a whole other person. I still am very much in love with Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars, but I've just added Matty Healy and The 1975 to the mix.

Even as bloggers, our content changes and grows. It's all about learning, discovering new things and forming opinions on subjects we never even thought about. Hi Brexit. So, change is an exciting thing about life and probably the best part about it. And who knows if I'll get better at makeup, have a complete style change or even become a health enthusiast in the next five years. One thing's for certain though, I'll neeever like avocados.

What do you guys think about change?


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  1. Everything rings true to me in this post, everybody has to change to grow! When I was about 12/13 I was so desperate to fit in, and copied the latest trends and just tried far too hard to be honest, but now, I'm just like you haha. Obsessed with everything pink, and just living for what I like and not what anybody else does!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It's crazy how you don't know how many people are like that - I felt like the only one but really we're all trying to find ourselves x

  2. Gothic and pink both sound good to me! I love the look of goth makeup, love pink OOTDs, and love the OOTD you wore in the photo above! The Pink graphic T-shirt, blue denim jacket and vertical black and white striped pants looked great together.
    To me, change brings a mixture of hopes to attempt to realise and regrets to be dealt with but not dwelled on - unless I can somehow re-wind time to get younger (I'm a fossil) :-/
    You on the other hand will doubtlessly find exciting and good changes throughout the years and decades to come!
    P.S.: I really LOVE pink! Have a fab Autumn season!


    1. aww your comment is so lovely <3 and yes to goth makeup! x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*