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What's been going on Fran??

It's a new season and there's a lot more things to talk about that I've been loving for the past month or so. I've done this sort of post before and it's kinda like a favourites but not... Like I said ages ago, I wanted to do more casual personal posts - and this is mainly because it's what I love reading from my faves. Ayy ayy Hannah Gale and numerous others...

001: Watching: Bake Off! Like 99.9% of people in the UK, the move to C4 hasn't made me as mad as I thought I would be. Initially, I was pretty upset because Mary, Mel and Sue but aside from the annoying as hell adverts, it's still the same cosy bake off. And I freaking love it still! Thank geckos! And it's also inspired me to bake more (hence the recent posts) and I made gingerbread men for my colleagues at work the other day for tonight's meeting oooh.

002: Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell! After finishing Ali Smith's Autumn, I wanted something still cosy, magical and perfect reading for afternoons when it's cold, dark as we're heading closer to Winter. That's when I decided to pick up Susanna Clarke's debut novel again. I LOVED reading it the first time (review here) so it was about time I picked it up for a second read...

003: Smelling: Pumpkin Spice! Not the Starbucks drink, but an actual candle smelling of pumpkin spice loaf from Starbucks from TK Maxx. Yeah, they do amazing bargains and I got a MASSIVE one for £6.99. Yep, I know and I need to control how much I burn it but I've fallen in love with it and it's perfect for burning in the evenings after work with fairy lights on, under a throw while watching YouTube or Netflix. Y. E. S.

004: Eating: Peach Sweets! Now I discovered these because my manager said they were amazing, and I'm addicted. But I haven't had them in ages because they keep selling out in Holland and Barratt. Noooooo. But anyway they taste amazing, plus they're vegan so they're *slightly* healthy as seaweed replaces gelatine ooh.

005: Listening: Wolf Alice! If there's one thing that I really really really really like. It's discovering new music and more specifically new bands. And recently I've been obsessed with Wolf Alice - especially songs from their second album which is out Friday. And I'm soo excited to get it. Songs you need to listen to are 'Don't Delete The Kisses' and if you like heavy metal 'Yuk Foo'. PS. here's the link to the video for the first song - you'll fall in love with it.

What are you guys currently loving?


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  1. You have to try peach loops from lidl - best sweets you'll ever have!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. ooh I’ll have a nose in my local one!


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