The Best Milk & White Chocolate Cookies Ever


Cosy happy baking

It's the first of September wooo! You probably have an idea of how excited I am for Autumn to come (if you've seen the rants on my twitter haha - hint hint go follow me) And what better than to start welcoming the season by doing some baking...

These milk and white choc cookies are the epitome of cosy baking - in my opinion anyway - because they're SOO easy to make, take no time at all and at the same time you can have a nice natter with a friend. You can also chuck in any type of chocolate but we all know Cadbury dairy milk and Milky Bar are the best.

Instead of just giving you the recipe, I thought I would share this week's video which is set to cute background music. I took the recipe from Tanya Burr's Tanya Bakes book if you want to practice simple but yummy recipes that later you can change up to become your own. And hopefully, I will have inspired to you to have a go at making your own!

Have you guys baked recently?


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  1. These cookies look incredible by the way. Would you recommend Tanya’s baking book? It looks promising! I’m excited for autumn too, it’s probably my favourite season. I just discovered your YouTube channel, its fab so I’m a new subscriber. :-) Xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I would 100% recommend it! It even had autumnal recipes in there like pumpkin pie! :) x

  2. These look delicious!!! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. They really are! You need to try it asap! x


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