Sometimes It's Okay To Feel Lonely

by - 20.11.17

Feeling all the feels

My wonderful blogging friend Vicky tweeted something the other day...

“A friend told me a while back that when she had no friends she would watch a video or read a post and she wouldn't feel as lonely anymore. My point is that posts don't always have to be profound and perfect to have value. Human connection is what makes it all so great.”

And it got me thinking.

There are times when my friends are away at uni, busy with work and life. Don't get me wrong I love my work friends but it's not the same as the connection you've made with friends from school and in other walks of life. And in those times I feel soo lonely. And the way to make that better is watching YouTube (i.e. Gabbie, Alfie, Zoe, Louise, etc.) and Netflix. As well as reading blog posts!

It's amazing though how a video or post from our faves makes us feel better. Just let me put together a watch later playlist and I'm set for the afternoon. The way I see it, if you have lapses of loneliness, aside from the blog and YouTube aspect, it might be more important to look after ourselves. Feeling lonely for me encourages me to look after myself and run a bath, pamper my nails and think about what amazing things are happening in my life. But that in reality can't fully get rid of the loneliness.

And sometimes that can be a good thing. Human connection IS the most important thing but having time away can help us realise how important the people in our life are. And feeling lonely is all a part of that. While my friends are gone, we plan a date, and yes, I'm still lonely but it gets me excited for when we can meet up aaand it makes all the time with them even more special.

Loneliness is a short period of time that's temporary until we can make more memories with the people we treasure in our life. Or meet new people that we will treasure forever. In the meantime, I'm going to catch up on some vlogs...

What do you think about loneliness?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*