3 Of The Best Places To Buy Bargain Decs


Save money AND create a winter wonderland

When it comes to the most jolly time of year I want to decorate every millimeter of my room with decorations. But alas, I don't have the money to buy everything I see in shops. But, in the past two years I've managed to create a traditional kitsch yet stylish festive theme for my room. All without breaking the bank!

How did I manage it? You might plea to me... Well, my little elves, if you're as obsessed with making your interiors as cute and festive as mine, I will share with you the places that are full of hidden gems you would never think to look in!

001: Tiger: Yep, the place that sells the CUTEST things. Their Christmas collections are always on point with novelty and cutesy. Last year I managed to get some cute little wooden tree hangers (pictured above) and some decorations for my shelves. And it all came to around £10 for around 8 or 9 things. I was blown away. This year, it seems to be just as cute and I can't wait to add to my current collection.

002: Poundland: It's not just for those who go there to get cleaning things or a whole load of junk food for £1 each. They actually have some amazing decorations this year. A set of two nutcracker tree hangers for £1? Give me five packs! Plus they have bauble sets for £1 along with tinsel, cute wall hangings and even trees. Of course they're not as cheap as a pound. But, I was actually blown away by how great quality some of the bits are. Though fyi you will see some tacky decs... You can't win every time kids.

003: Homebase/Sainsbury's: Though the latter is a little more pricey than the previous two mentioned you can get the most amazing baubles. Look at the pudding one pictured!! And a few other cute decorations too. Homebase meanwhile has the bargains. I got my 4ft Christmas tree for £10. And even though it's not one of those high quality thick branched fake ones, it's not a stick with twigs attached either. So if you're on a budget, they do really good trees. Also, the room decs aren't too shabby. I managed to pick up some bunting for my room while I was there and they look amazing on my curtain rail.

Where are your favourite places to buy decorations?


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  1. Yes the stuff in Tiger is gold!! I've already picked up a few things for my desk at work and I love them! x


    1. Awww that sounds amazing! I went back today to see if they had any cute bits but the Christmas section seems to have disappeared in my local store and now I’m sad :(

  2. Yes! Poundland is must! Sometimes I question if I am in the right shop when I see some of their decorations they are fabulous, I got a little light up box that says merry Christmas!


  3. Poundland all the way! They do have amazing decorations, I got some London-themed decorations this year and they're the cutest - Big Ben with sparkly snow, how to resist?
    I love the decorations you can find in Liberty's and all that, but they're ridiculously expensive. It's better to spend less on the decoration and have more money to treat family and friends :)

    Julia x
    Last Post: Christmas in London | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/lifestyle-christmas-in-london.html


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