My Festive Jumper Collection


Wear the season on your sleeve

What's better than music, snacks and bath products centered around the season of Christmas? Jumpers! That's what. And over the past three years, I hate to admit I've grown quite a collection - and I don't plan to stop...

All of these are amazingly from Primark and no where else. You can't beat a festive bargain in my opinion and they ALL are sooo cosy. And in this post I'm going to take you through all of them. If it inspires you to get one for yourself for work, a party or even to wear on your days off, then I've done my job (or post) well.

001: The 'Pugger Up' One:

This is probably my favourite out of the lot. (Shhh don't tell the others - sorry I sound like a lunatic) But not only does have the cutest pug with antlers on, mistletoe, candy canes, snowflakes and the cutest phrase, it has fleecing inside. Yup, you heard me. It's perfect for days out in Central London and sooo cosy and warm. Did I mention it has a pug on it??

002: The Sausage Dog with a Jumper One:

I impulse purchased this one because Tanya Burr had it. (Mainly because it reminded her of her dog Martha) But I bought it because they're sausage dogs, and they have jumpers on. Omg. It's quite a thin one, but that means it's pretty easy to layer up. PS. this year Primark have a pug version that I'm SO going to get!

003: The Gingerbread Santa One:

Oooh, look, it's my first ever jumper purchase. This one kind of has a sentimental value. Only because I never had a jumper before this one and I bought it specially for going to Winter Wonderland with one of my favourite people. It's massive, cosy and I will never ever give it away. Also, gingerbread have a special place in my heart. *whispers* Gingerbread lattes...

004: The Traditional Looking One:

You know those pretty ones you see in other shops that look so traditional but cost like £50 a piece? Yep, this is what I call a pretty good dupe for those. It has reindeers, a pretty pattern and that classic Christmas jumper colour. It's one of those that you can get away with wearing in November because it's not in your face - I mean, no one will be paying attention right?

005: The Go All Out and be an Elf One:

My latest purchase. I.e. last year's. This one was actually for my work party, but I love it so much that I'll wear it to this years. FYI, Primark have an almost exact one this year if you love the look of mine. It has bells on the bottom, a hat attached to the collar that you can take off and it's basically an oversized jumper dress. *festive heart eyes*

How many Christmas jumpers do you guys have?


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  1. Your little elf dress has to favourite! You look adorable!



    1. Haha it is a favourite of mine too! Kind of glad I gave in to buying it :’D


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