10 Gift Ideas For The Faves In Your Life


Treat them to something amazing

I did one of these posts last year and I loved doing it so much that I just HAD to do another this year. I tried to make it as different as possible, but there will be slight repeating. But let's be real, you can never go wrong with what I'm going to suggest because the people in your life deserve the best.

I know for sure that I'll be aiming to give some of these myself. So, if you're a bit stuck or the hustle and bustle of everyone and their dog scrambling to get things done and dusted for the big day is getting to you... Then read on to get some inspo on what to gift your favourite people in your life. Be it family or friends...

001: Some gorgeous hand cream sets like the amazing ones they do at Cath Kidston

002: A pretty diary or notebook so they can plan lives or write about them - but also write a cute note to them on the first page

003: Body spray sets or mists like Zoella Beauty's Snow'Ella which is just heavenly

004: A little bag of selection pins! You can get them from the likes of Primark to Skinnydip London

005: A sentimental necklace... Something they love or treasure like their zodiac sign

006: Little bubble bath sets to urge them to take time out from their busy lives

007: Or a Lush bath bomb or shower set as only the best will do really

008: Home trinkets from Tiger or Primark... If they love interiors this will be right up their street!

009: Why not a mug? It can be a jokey one along with some other bits and bobs in stocking

010: Or to top it all, why not treat them to some high end makeup or homeware! Because they deserve it!

Have you started your xmas shopping?


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