A Christmas Throwback Photo Diary


A delve into the Christmas Day archives

I was scrolling through my picture folder on my laptop and came across these pictures that were taken on the big day way back in 2015. It only feels like yesterday that 2015 happened, and as it's Christmas Eve today (WOOOOOOOOOOO) I thought it was only right to finally add these to the blog...

They are quite random, but I remember wanting to take different sorts of shots of the day. The first is obviously a picture of that year's Starbucks mug. They went on sale and I snapped one up. It was so pretty and I was attracted to the shiny gold like a magpie haha. FYI  the mug was empty so my mum was able to hold it in front of the tree for me haha.

A throwback style selfie. Kind of. Remember those days on instagram when everyone took pics like this in the mirror. Some were super posy. Because same, and this one was to show off my Christmas jumper which to this day is still my fave. Also rip fake nails that came off in the evening because I got annoyed with them.

The next few pics are of the crackers we had on the table which had the traditional looking Santa which I was obsessed with - and the gold trimming omg. The fireplace in all its glory with the Santa and Snowman. Which I obviously took a close up pic of.

And lastly, the dinner. No it's not your traditional turkey but it was so good. And the roast potatoes were AMAZING. And still are. I can't wait to eat them tomorrow aaah. Homemade Yorkshires also make the whole meal and you can bet I had the leftovers the next day. Nom nom nom.

Do you guys take any photos on Christmas Day?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx