My 2017 Favourites


My obsessions of the year

I ask this question EVERY time, but how are we already up with the year? I thought before the year completely escapes us, I better compile all my year's favourites together. Of course, it isn't everything I've loved - otherwise we'd be here till next next year, but it's what I really want to share with you guys!

So without further ado, grab a cuppa, settle down and read on to see all the things I've loved this year...

001: oh comely magazine: Over the past year, my favourite independent British magazine has vastly improved and therefore gained more points for being all the more unique and down to earth. No silly gossip, no trashy articles, just wholesome topics, empowering articles and plenty of art and culture. If you choose one magazine to try next year, make it this one!

002: too faced sweet peach palette: I bought this in January and not a week goes by where I don't pick this up (give it a sniff) and delve into the colours to create a beautiful peachy eye look. It's my holy grail. You can probably tell which ones I use the most, and because they're so pigmented and pretty, I might just treat myself to another palette from the brand...

003: soap and glory one heck of a blot primer: If you're looking for a primer that acts like a high end one, then this is it. A transparent gel like cream that sinks easily and smooths out the pores and adds staying power, you can say this is the drugstore and more affordable version of the Benefit POREfessional. And for £10, it's amazing quality - I think I bought this around May time and it's not quite finished yet.

004: crystals: This year was the year I appreciated the existence of crystals and bought myself a starter pack of sorts. I don't use them the traditional way, they just sit prettily in my room and photos. But I will occasionally pick one up and hold it in my hand. I sound mad but it depends on my mood which one I will choose. I guess the mini crystal guide I got with them helps.

005: paramore // after laughter: There are MANY albums from many artists that shaped my year. Wolf Alice, Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus to name but a few. But the one that really stuck with me was Paramore's After Laughter! After hearing 'Hard Times' I knew this record was going to be even more catchier than the last. And I was right! Songs like 'Rose Colored Boy', 'Pool' and 'Forgiveness' are perfect bops (as such) to put you in a good mood for the day.

006: lush cosmetics: I may have pictured Snow Fairy but let me tell you, I've been obsessed with the brand in general. Like I have for the past few years anyway. This year I discovered more exciting exclusive products, and continued to love old faves. For a brand that's so transparent, it's hard not to love every range they release too!

007: cath kidston leaf purse: An impulse purchase - and probably one of many in the year - and all because I loved the pattern too much. It's such a cute purse too and all my cards fit nicely in! But also how cute are the butterflies and flowers on it??

008: barry m pink nail paints: I love pink, and I've come to realise that not only with the clothes I seem to be wearing and my instagram theme, but also my nail paints. And more particuarly the Barry M nail paints. The two pictured are probably my most used from the year and not only is the brand amazing quality and quite quick drying compared to other brands, but the shine they give when they are dry makes me want to wear them even more!

What are your favourites from this year?


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  1. Oh comely magazine is one of my faves, its the best - I'd love to buy the too faced sweet peaches palette in 2018!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It is! It’s definitely great for a reading session with a cup of coffee in the afternoon! And you totally should! It’s my fave!!

  2. After Laughter is one of my fav albums of the year as well, at first I was a bit undecided but after hearing the whole album, it just hit me in the heart 💖

    1. I'm glad to hear! I loved it as soon as I listened to the whole record! Quite sad I missed them at the O2 last night :(


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx