All The Faves From April


Woo for all the faves

April is over, and that means May is upon us and ALSO my birthday. Ew because I'm turning 21, but also yaaaay because I have an excuse to spend more money on myself!!

This month we saw rain, cold and then an early summer arrive - which was the best thing in my opinion. Sooo we have a right nice mix for my favourites this month. Settle in and read on...

001: frankie magazine: I've been reading this creatively bright and inspiring Australian independent for the looooongest time. Since the summer of 2015 to be precise. (the first issue I bought is pictured here!!) So a good three years.

And the reason why it's in this month's faves is because the new issue came out, I loved it and then fell in a hole of reading all the ones I own. And it's made me appreciate the existence of this great magazine. If you want to read it for yourself, head to a lovely independent magazine shop or WHSmith!

002: sally hansen maximum growth: I raved about this product in a post here, and I'm still in love. It's a perfect nail treatment for strengthening your nails and therefore helping them grow into fierce talons! I apply it every other day with a new nail colour and my nails have grown so quickly in the past two weeks. I had a tradegy recently where one nail split off (at least it wasn't all of them like it usually is...), but aside from that I've had no issues.

003: skinnydip wild card iphone case: My obsession for bendy cases is paramount. I bought this one because it was one of those PLUS it's such a perfect case to reflect all things summery. Even when the weather is crap. My fave little illustration on it is the little lightbulb saying 'lit' because my life is legit the opposite of that lmao.

004: primark sunglasses: These babies are a two year old purchase of mine, but will forever make me feel cool and all proper blogger. They add something to an outfit and make me look like I kind of have my life together when I clearly don't. It's basically me in sunglasses.

005: smashbox photo finish foundation primer: I picked this up as part of a 'build your own' birchbox set at their pop up shop in Carnaby Street. Which they said was closing at the end of Jan but they're defo still there - and open. I've only ever used cheap drugstore primers and the Benefit one, so this was a nice surprise when I applied it and my face felt sooooo soft after.

Can I part with £26 for the full size?? Maybe not yet because I'm not paying attention to whether it's actually making my makeup last longer, but I'm loving it while this sample lasts.

006: lush bunny moon mask: This not only smells amazing, but it's one of Lush's amazingly cool jelly masks! Made of seaweed and containing the likes of honey, chamomile, rose and vanilla, this is beautifully hydrating, calming and *could* help with the odd spot. (Honey is also antibacterial) As you can see, three masks later and I'm for sure impressed!

What have you guys loved in April?


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  1. The jelly mask sounds great! I've actually been thinking just today that I should get myself a new mask or cleanser from Lush since it's been a while... I might go for a jelly, even for the fun of it!

    Julia x
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    1. Ooh you totally should! Even for the feeling of putting jelly on your face :’D


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