Why I Have A 'Sugar Rush' Crush On This Primark Palette


A super colourful dream

I never in a million years thought I would actually buy a Primark makeup product and ACTUALLY LOVE IT. But as you can see kids, I did...

Primark recently released a K-Pop inspired makeup collection - not only including this palette, but also featuring blush, lip colour and a few other products I can't remember. I'm not sponsored so I can afford to say this lmao.

This little beauty (get it?) called the Sugar Rush palette was only £4. Yeah you heard that right. And I've only ever spent that amount on a Makeup Revolution palette. Now, because Primark is known for being a budget brand of sorts, I was a little wary of picking it up and then being disappointed on how crap it was.

BUUUT, after watching Helen Anderson's video on the collection - who WAS sponsored, I was sold because it looked sooooo good. And smells so good. It legit has a sweet cherry scent to it aaahh.

For a lovely amount of money you get nine matte and shimmer shades. That's basically 44p per shade. A bargain. There's bright pastel shades (the blue and yellow), peachy shades and a pretty af purple that has the cutest little face in it awww.

These colours do have a little fall out, but about the same amount as palettes like the Too Faced Sweet Peach so I can live with it. (I'm not fussed with the cardboard packaging either) And these colours - have no fear - ARE PIGMENTED! I thought even the lightest shade would bring out nothing, but it covered my eyes so well. I'm shook.

I decided to use for the look pictured the top left for base, bottom left for all over the lid, the third one in the middle for the outer corner. And then the blue and purple for my lower lash line and the yellow for the inner corner. This was heavily inspired by the look Helen did in her video and that's what made me want to buy the palette. Because it looked so cool - and I feel like a space princess.

In all, this palette was a lovely surprise for an impulse purchase - I originally went in there for the llama makeup bag pictured for my weekend away in June - and I think I would think about buying more of their eyeshadow products again.

Primark how are you slaying in everything???*

*Their clothes and homeware right now though omg

Have any of you given in to buying Primark makeup?

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  1. Wow! I really need to go to primark to pick this palette up because I need that yellow shade in my life asap. I love the look you created! I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone with my eyeshadow just now.

    Rachael - geminiexplicit.blogspot.co.uk

    1. You really do it’s actually amazing how good it is considering it’s from primark!! All the shades in this are so me haha x

  2. The quality of this palette sounds great! And although I'm all about neutral eyeshadows, it is great to have a colourful palette to play around with makeup more, especially for spring! I love the look you created, all the shades look great together!

    Julia x

    1. I used to love neutral shades but now I feel like I’m using colour more and more and if you have some spare coins, definitely pick this up! It’s so fun to experiment with!! :3


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx