Twenty Things I Learnt In My First Year Of My Twenties


Life lessons in the year

On Tuesday, I'll be turning 21. I am SO not ready for this. (As the twitter fan girl stans say: sklkgjhjg) Like what is this nonsense. It still hasn't sunk in that I'm 20, I still feel like I should be heading towards turning 18. *Cries*

I thought to mark the occasion I'll tell you guys - in kind of a not serious way - twenty things I've learnt in my first year of being 20. And let me tell you, some of it IS adult scary. (More on that soon)

Sooo here's a little list of aaall the things. Because lists are my fave!

001: It's totally ok not to have your sh** together. Life is a learning experience.

002: I'm a neat freak. EVERYTHING has to be in order or I feel *slightly* uncomfortable.

003: Wondering whether having two coffees a day is considered an addiction...

004: My life revolves around pink and pastel shades. Hence my insta theme.

005: I CAN survive though without having a Starbucks syrupy coffee too often.

006: Being stingy with money isn't bad, only buy the things you actually want - not just to look cool.

007: Peaches are just my favourite. Why are they only in season in summer??

008: I also have a love affair with mango. I always HAVE to buy a pot.

009: It's kind of expensive being an adult. Food, travel, etc. And I haven't even moved out meh.

010: Knowing that I AM an adult. But still look (according to people I know) under 18.

011: Musical films are actually amazing. Les Mis. (OMG) The Great Showman. (Weeps)

012: That my eyebrows are actually much better than they were when I was 16. I've glowed up.

013: I've basically glowed up during my year of being 20 in makeup generally woo.

014: Cherish the moments you do have with friends before they disappear to uni again...

015: If I can't take cute pictures of somewhere, it's not worth going.

016: You're early, but it's ok to start putting money aside for a mortgage.

017: Getting more experimental with baking. Let the year of being 21 bring more cakes.

018: My birthday month is probably the best *hopefully* for weather...

019: I have become that person that poses in front of anything (see above examples)

020: That I'm still not ready to say goodbye to my teens even though I'm past it.

See you guys on the flip side of my birthday...

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  1. Peaches and mango are my faveee - loved this post Fran!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Yaaaay glad to hear it! Because they’re the best fruit to exist - ever!! And thank you Lucy xx

  2. I love #1 - as a 25 year old I can confirm it's still okay to not have your life together by your mid-twenties! xxx

    1. that’s good to know because I have no hope by that time lmao


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