Making My Denim and Patches DIY Dreams Come True


Putting my own mark on jeans

Patches. They're one of my fave things ever aside from pins, coffee and pizza. Oh and Instagram. And for the loooongest time I've been wanting to bag a pair of jeans and stick on some cute af patches.

But I've never seen the right ones for either.

Until now.

If you've been following my ootd antics for ages, you'll know I live in my Zara S/S16 patch jeans. So it was only right I created my own!! I popped into Primark the other day without thinking about it and saw the most perfect (and softest!!) wide leg crop jeans ever.

And then the patch dream floated into my mind. £15 down, I was well on my way to creating my reality of being a cool indie tumblr kid.

To finish off the look, I hopped onto the Skinnydip London website and got OVERLY EXCITED. They had sooo many cute patches - and most were in the sale - that I was spoilt for choice.

As you can see, I chose five to fit my aesthetics...

I got a peach (my fave fruit apart from mango), an egg, a watermelon (because it's fluffy), a flame heart and a patch saying 'favourite child'. Because even though I'm an only child. I consider myself the favourite lmao.

When they arrived, I planned out when I was going to do this simple diy and got down to it. I filmed me getting down and arranging the patches and then ironing them on.

It was actually so easy. (You just place the patch where you want, and then cover with a towel and on a low to medium heat, iron it on till it sticks!) And you've got to start small if you're venturing into clothing diys haha.

I am SO HAPPY with how they look on my jeans, and the fact that they feel so comfy to wear generally considering they're from Primark is a bonus! Defo check out Skinnydip if you're looking to do something similar!

It would be amazing if you gave my little a video a watch as well to see how I do it. And in the meantime, I'll be wearing these and posing in flowers with punnets of peaches... #amitumblryet

Have you guys done any diys??


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx