Netflix Shows To Snuggle Down And Watch This Season

by - 1.10.18

Flicks to add to your list

Like most people my age. I have an addiction to Netflix. And is the only thing I'm likely to watch if Bake Off, Doctor Who or Sherlock aren't on TV.

(Also partial to a good binge watch of Location, Location, Location and Come Dine With Me on Channel 4 lol)

And recently, there's been SO MANY good films and shows added that it only seemed right to create a list - with the classic Netflix descriptions (if I can as I can't get them up as I'm watching them lol) - of the ones I've loved and am about to watch more of.

Because if it's a rainy autumn day, or you're planning a stay at home and self care day, you're gonna need some good ones to be engrossed in...

001: to all the boys i loved before:
"Five intense crushes. Five soul-baring love letters. She never planned to mail them. Now they're out. Life, as she knows it, is over."

This one I actually reaaaally liked. I saw a few people review this, but they were giving it average reviews. But I wanted to see it. So I did. And it's probably one of my favourite Netflix young adult films! Even though the letters get sent out super early in the film, there's still a lot of things going on to keep you watching. I'd totally watch it again!

002: the end of the f***ing world:
"She's itching for a big adventure. He's waiting for a chance to kill her. Road trips don't get more awkward than this"

A Channel 4 series that came to Netflix - and it was better than I expected. Each episode is quite short, but sooo much happens in each and Alyssa and James just seem to dig themselves into a deeper hole as the road trip goes along. Once you watch it, you'll get what I mean.

003: the great british bake off (the old seasons):
AAAAAHHH a true British classic! This is such a cosy autumnal watch as well. Set the scene: a cold autumn day off, you're in your living room with a blanket, the fire on, tea and your own slice of cake: watching other people bake with a sprinkling of happy music and humour from Mel and Sue. I just LOVE IT.

004: french and saunders:
If you're after a more hilarious show to spend watching in the evening, then choose this. (Also Upstart Crow is amazing) It's another classic, so silly but funny at the same time and easy to binge multiple episodes in one go!

005: angus, thongs and perfect snogging:
"Your parents are fighting, you might have to move, and boys just ignore you. At least your cat loves you"

If you've not read the books, where have you been? This film came out ten years ago - I KNOW. And to this day is still one of my faves, I feel like I know most of the words and you can't help rooting for Georgia to be with Robbie. Even if she is a b**** some of the time haha.

006: the crown:
Want to stick to the whole British theme? Then The Crown is the cosy (sort of period) drama for you! I do love the Royals - because it's so cool we still have a monarchy - and this drama following Queen Elizabeth and her coronation, her relationship with Prince Phillip, her sister Princess Margaret, the prime minister, etc. is a perfect autumn evening watch. The opening theme always gives me feels too.

007: the good place:
"She only looked for No.1 in life. Now that she's dead, she's going to have to do a lot better."

A HILARIOUS show to be honest. And I'm so happy season three is here woo! The whole plot sounded really good aaand T4's Jameela Jamil and Kristen Bell! It's really funny but there's also A LOT of plot twists and even though Kristen's character Eleanor is basically a bad person, you can't help but like her!

What Netflix shows do you love watching?


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  1. I prefer books but these shows look gorgeous! :)

    1. I do love a good book but sometimes a good ol' binge watch is what I need!

  2. I really need to watch The Crown! Haven't started yet but all the reviews are amazing and it seems like such a beautiful show. Thanks for your recommendations Fran!

    Julia x
    Last Post: How To Spend 48h in Brugge, Belgium |

    1. Aaahh you need to Julia! It’s actually so good and so quintessentially British 💘

  3. I absolutely loved the crown and I'm so excited for season 3 to return!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Same! I was kind of sad it wasn't going to be the original cast, but I'm looking forward to it now...


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*