The Most Popular Blogger Hangouts At Christmas


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Aside from the excitement of Blogmas, one of my favourite things about this time of year is going to hangouts that are super popular with every blogger in the UK. Think amazing coffee, food, cake, aesthetics. It's a paradise for us to take pictures of flatlays and our surroundings. And then of course upload them to Instagram or the blog.

I have a few of my own favourites that I'm glad to have experienced during this wonderful time of year. And maybe a couple I wish I would have visited at this time of year... But either way, they will put a smile on your face!

001: Biscuiteers: My first official blogger experience of Christmas was Biscuiteers on Northcote Road that my lovely blogger friend Vicky took me too. (There's also one in Notting Hill) It was such a cosy atmosphere with photogenic hot chocolates and biscuits. I took soooo many photos. It's definitely one for those that love the traditional colours of Christmas. And biscuits.

002: Peggy Porschen: OF COURSE I had to include the most popular place for bloggers. Their decorations for this time of year are amazing and you would want to take thousands of pictures of it. Plus the cake, the coffee and the fact that they put snowflakes on top of the cappuccinos. Omg.

003: Chelsea: Chelsea in general is photogenic. Have you seen those instagram accounts taking pretty photos of all the houses and shops?? Plus, like I mentioned in a previous blogmas post, King's Road is the place to be. Have an explore between there and Knightsbridge and you'll find gems to pose in front of. With a festive outfit on...

004: Winter Wonderland: It's like Christmas threw up in Hyde Park. There's sooo many pretty things in there, plus you can gorge on extortionately priced food. But all in all, it's perfect for adding that extra festiveness to your theme.

005: Harrods: The food hall full of festive treats, the Christmas shop, the WHOLE STORE. Wander over after WW, and immerse yourself in it! Plus what's not to love about the windows for Christmas? These will help you BE the blogger who takes pics of every London building you always wanted to be.

What's your fave 'blogger' hangout?


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  1. I'm off to London this weekend for the Blogosphere Christmas Festival, so this post definitely came in handy for spots to head too!

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Haha you're welcome! I hope you enjoy the spots I mentioned :) x

  2. I've never been to peggy porschen before, but honestly it looks like every bloggers dream - I'm also desperate to visit Sketch, but its super pricey!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Omg you have to go! Also same and I’ve been told the waiting list is super long... a bit like trying to have tea at the Ritz haha


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