Winter Skincare Routine


My favourite products for winter skin

Now that it's getting colder, it seems my skin is getting drier. Meh. So I recently switched up my routine for my hydrating products. And of course there's no surprise here, when you see that it features Lush. I even left out my toner (Tea Tree Water) and moisturiser (Sweet Asa) because I felt this post would be too Lush orientated lmao.

Anyways, this is what I religiously treat my skin with every single day. Without fail. And especially in the run up to Christmas you need sweet looking and feeling skin!

001: Lush 9 to 5 cleanser: With almond oil, ylang ylang oil and fresh dove orchid extract, this cleanser is beautifully rich, great for removing makeup and feels super refreshing and hydrating. Plus it smells so good. And take my word for it, this bottle can last you at least four months. Worth every penny.

002: Simple eye makeup remover: I never liked the oil to water ratio with these products. But this one from Simple is AMAZING. When you shake it and then apply to a cotton pad, it removes your eye makeup in seconds. Maybe a little longer for stubborn mascara but it all comes off. It's incredible and almost always on offer in Superdrug.

003: Lush Buche De Noel cleanser: This is basically a Christmas version of Angels on Bare Skin. What is a blogmas post without a festive product?? Containing ground almonds along with kaolin, fair trade organic cocoa butter, fresh mandarins and dried cranberries. It's a lovely hydrating, exfoliating and the most festive cleanser you can get. Using this every day, a little pot will last you a month. Perfect for giving that extra boost to your skin after removing your makeup.

004: Sanctuary Spa 5 minute mask: Lastly, if you want to treat your skin a little, then go for this! A little pricey, but this peel off mask with grapefruit is so great at rejuvenating the skin. And it takes you back to the days when you would put a PVA glue on your hand in school and then peeling it off haha. So satisfying!

Do you guys have any special products for Winter?


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  1. The sanctuary spa mask sounds heavenly!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. it really is plus it's super satisfying to peel it off like I said in the post haha x


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